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A complete real estate investment solution, Masterdeal, the one and only online portal providing professional services in the real estate sector with its expertise varying from consultancy to actually accomplishing the task of availing a property: residential or commercial space. Services include, but not limited to buying, selling, leasing, assisting a loan etc. Masterdeal provides multiple needs and undertakes¬†total responsibility to fulfill the process for its patrons. Associates ranging from Developers , Real Estate Channel Partners to Customers varying from Indians to NRIs, Masterdeal makes purchasing a property one click easier as it has the network of over 10000 dealers across India Its USP being ‘Find us anywhere’ and ‘One-time-visit’ , Masterdeal is the brainchild of Prism Retail India Pvt. Ltd , A venture of the Prism Group , headquartered in the heart of India, Delhi. For the very First time ever, an online portal offering a complete real estate investment solution professional service guarantying the complete undertaking of your worries with only a one time visit.

How it Works


The way Masterdeal functions is truly unique. Proving access to all the latest projects and contacts and prioritizing its presence in the local market with more than 10000 dealers spread across the country,. By creating a large pool of real estate channel developers across the country each themselves having their own network, the reach of Masterdeal grows ten folds more. Every member benefiting from this platform of inter connectivity. This network works the same way when we expand our network for the NRIs. Our connections and network has made it possible for a customer to find our agent, there itself who will provide consultancy as well as make it possible to avail the preferred property anywhere that the client wishes for . This interconnection of real estate channel partners with every developer and potential customers anywhere through our platform is truly beneficial for all. One medium for all.


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